3 years on from going self employed!

The last 3 years have flown by in business and at home- with my youngest starting school this week! I cannot believe it has been 3 years since I embarked on the scary road of becoming self employed and I have celebrated by ordering myself some new uniform as my current tops have become rather holey recently!!

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the diverse range of clients over the last 3 years manufacturing and fitting so many different products and bespoke items that there is too many to list or add photographs of!

I have many returning customers that have come back to me for more work to be done, which makes me very proud that I must be doing something right!

I am currently project managing my own two-storey extension at home, which is a challenge but I am really enjoying working alongside some talented tradesmen that I have met along my self employment journey!

I hope to be posting more photographs soon of the new projects I have booked in and planned.



Its just the start!!

After getting our logo sorted, this week we have been busy creating our website, creating business cards, getting our public & product liability insurance sorted out and preparing to launch the business in September!!! We are in the process of building the workshop which wont be finished by the start of September but hoping not too long!

This week at home our youngest has taken her first steps….. reminding us of that these areĀ our first steps in launching Lee’s business!!!

Eeeeeeeeek!!! Very exciting!!